Burna Boy and Fela

Burna Boy’s Lame Imitation of Fela’s Activism

Bearing zoot in one hand and a microphone in the other, Fela would gyrate about the stage, performing lengthy songs in those peculiar sounds that have come…
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Big Brother Titans

The Dishonest Scapegoating of Big Brother Titans

Big Brother Titans will have all the dynamics of what makes a reality show addictive; rambunctious housemates, sexual escapades, talent exhibition, gossip and chit chats,…
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Sabinus and Tinubu

Sabinus and the Effrontery of Comedy

For almost two years, Nigerians have watched with glee the comedy skits and sketches of Sabinus, the blued-shirted actor from Port Harcourt. His oga Sabinus o…
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