Big Brother Titans

The Dishonest Scapegoating of Big Brother Titans

Big Brother Titans will have all the dynamics of what makes a reality show addictive; rambunctious housemates, sexual escapades, talent exhibition, gossip and chit chats,…
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Olusegun Obasanjo

Obasanjo, Endorsement Letter, APC’s Ad hominem Rejoinders, and Cognitive Dissonances

The letter was obviously not well received by APC. Like an entitled toddler, they threw tantrums over an endorsement that isn’t theirs. Like a jilted…
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Sabinus and Tinubu

Sabinus and the Effrontery of Comedy

For almost two years, Nigerians have watched with glee the comedy skits and sketches of Sabinus, the blued-shirted actor from Port Harcourt. His oga Sabinus o…
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Peter obi's obidients

A Nuanced Critique of Peter Obi’s OBIdients

A lot has been written and said to excoriate OBIdients for what can be described as their saviour-complex political narcissism. But these criticisms have had…
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